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Profile picture of Rob

Offerings from Rob


I want to do more for the people in my community. I'm very versatile, handy, and helpful, I like to help people, and it's also nice to ...

Profile picture of Iddo

Offer from Iddo


Providing (online) language lessons and (online) support with computer questions. (limited availability)

Profile picture of Roos

Offer from Rose


Available for walking together and or exercising in Veldhoven

Profile picture of Giel

Offer from Giel


I am wheelchair-bound due to spinal cord injury and hope to be able to do a task through volunteering to make myself useful and as a pa...

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Profile picture of Bart

Offer from Bart


I think that too little attention is paid to how we can help each other and make the world in which we live a bit more pleasant.

Profile picture of Doortje

Offer from Doortje


I am 19 years old and like to talk to people or go out together. I am interested in languages, movies, history and music. I'm not good ...

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Profile picture of Karel Lotte

Karel's offer

Karel Lotte

not applicable. Please contact us if you think you have a suitable job transport or driver. As for odd jobs, I don't do technical jobs...

Profile picture of Anton

Offer from Anton


When I retire, I want to make a social contribution to things with which I have an affinity, while preserving the freedom I now have. I...

Profile picture of Roel

Roel .'s offer


Would like to offer me as a volunteer, as I have been removed from the employment process due to health reasons. However, I still feel ...

Profile picture of Martin

Offer from Martin


I think you can make the world a little more beautiful if you are genuinely willing to do something for someone else. I work in seconda...

Profile picture of Jeroen

Offer from Jeroen


I have time to do something right now. I do want to offer language support to refugees/asylum seekers/status holders

Profile picture of Nienke

Will you come and help us?

Stichting LOEK@YOU

Do you enjoy being creative? To see what children can do and where the talents of the children lie? The warm team of the LOEK@YOU foun...

Profile picture of Mustafa

Offer from Mustafa


I am a refugee in the city of Veldhoven, I speak Arabic, I am a good English speaker and an average Dutch speaker. I am looking for a s...

Profile picture of Marjo

Offer from Marjo


Retired now, but I would still like to make myself useful as a volunteer in the field of financial administration.

Profile picture of Patty

Offerings from Patty


I really like to do something for the fellow man. We need to make the world a little bit more beautiful together, especially in this di...

Profile picture of Wendy

Offer from Wendy


Good morning, I would like to do something for my fellow man. I would love to ride the neighborhood bus to be around people again an...

Profile picture of Karel

Karel's offer


filling of free time by participating/executing things for me that correspond to my interests.

Profile picture of Iswarya

Offerings from Iswarya


I am interested in volunteering because it gives me the opportunity to give back to the community. I would like to expand my Dutch soci...

Profile picture of Talitha

Offerings from Talitha


Available evenings and weekends, once a week. Always interested in meeting new people. Very social and enterprising. Enjoy socializin...

Profile picture of Maya

Offerings from Maya


I would like to make a contribution to society. Preferably in hospital because that's where my heart lies. I am a retired nurse. I can'...

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