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I am single. is in the wia. have no family nearby and little to no social contacts. In addition, look for time use and something to do.
1. am technically trained HBO 4 directions wtb, fmt, bdk.ct
2. have a 1st degree education certificate
3. love honest people
4. have all yes all driver's licenses
5. love car and motorsport
6. love all animals. fishing. cats. dogs. horses. pigs. cows etc
7. love gardening. have green fingers and black nails
8. have your own social and social points of view
9. love open discussions
10. like to hang out with young people
My experience:
1. mechanic
2. project manager food pharma cosmetics fmcg and process
2. teacher wtb. tbk. ct
3. raised in bread, cake and pastry bakery anex supplier supermarket
4. motor and motorsport fan am technical commissioner fia
5. Low German (Groninger) so no Dutch
6. emotional budhist
7. ex youth secretary football club

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